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Hello! Interested in publishing with Story Arcs & Subplots? We’re so excited to meet you!

Story Arcs & Subplots is a full service independent publishing house that provides self-publication services for print on demand, ebooks, or audiobooks. We have a staff of in-house editors, typesetters, artists, graphic designers, voice actors, and audio engineers to turn your manuscript into a masterpiece.

How to Publish with Story Arcs & Subplots in Three Easy Steps:

Step 1: Query your Manuscript!

As a small publishing house, we accept direct submissions here. For best success in querying, please refer to our list of what we do and do not accept here.

Step 2: Pick your package!

Story Arcs & Subplots will edit, proof, and format your manuscript complete with cover art. Upon request, we will also create an audiobook or podcast fiction version of your manuscript. We will then publish your book in ebook, print on demand, and audiobook formats with all major retailers. 


The best part? It’s completely free to you. We absorb the cost of perfecting your manuscript so you don’t have to. We also offer collaboration for marketing on your book. In return, we will take a portion of the royalties from the sales of your book, and deliver the rest to you every month. 

Step 3: Market on our Platform!

We get it- social media marketing is hard. So why not join an established platform that you can take advantage of? Each traditional publication package comes with a minimum $500 worth of marketing, including sponsored ads, reviews, and shout outs. 


Story Arcs & Subplots is active on a number of social media platforms where you can put your story directly into the hands of the people who want to read it. 

It's That Easy!

Marketing Platforms:


Best for more genre-typical sci fi and fantasy.


Best for books with a niche audience, like queer focused fiction.


Good all-purpose site for reviews, interviews, and other promotional media.


Best for micro-reviews and trailers.


Best for showing off your amazing cover art.

Here at Story Arcs & Subplots, we believe in the unique power of your story, and we strive to provide a social media experience that is tailored to each individual author and each individual project. Global social media is a powerful marketing tool, but it must be used efficiently to get the most effective output. Social Media has a huge potential for marketing in the entertainment category, as demonstrated by Cunningham and Craig (2021) in their Social Media Entertainment textbookand explained in Stewert's (2022) analysis of it. And as Hyder said in her text The Zen of Social Media Marketing (2016), the basics of SEO, marketing research, and paid advertising on social media have remained the same for the last several decades. Story Arcs & Subplots has active accounts on all of the current major social media platforms as well as a Google Certificate for Advertising with Google Ads, and are also looking to the future to all new social media platforms and trends in image, video, audio, and text posts and advertising. 

Because of this, Story Arcs & Subplots has made the difficult decision to suspend all marketing on Twitter (now X) due to the new ownership of the site and the changes that have been made. We feel that it is no longer a conducive environment for promoting our authors. In response, we are moving to platforms like Reddit and Discord, where we feel we can interact in a more intimate way with fans in the niche genres where we publish. This represents our dedication to adapting our social media strategies to fit a changing digital landscape. 

Baym, N. K., Cunningham, S., & Craig, D. (2021). Creator culture. an introduction to global social media entertainment. New York University Press. 


Hyder, S. (2016). The zen of social media marketing: An easier way to build credibility, generate buzz, and increase revenue. BenBella Books,



Stewart, K. (2022). Book review: creator culture: An introduction to global social media entertainment, by Stuart Cunningham and David Craig (eds.).

      Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly, 99(4), 1186–1188. https://eds-p-ebscohost-


  • Who writes for Story Arcs & Subplots?
    Right now it’s just me, Claire! But I might have more people in the future.
  • If I comment a question on a post, will you respond?"
    A: Yes, to the best of my ability. If it’s an older post I might not see it, but I’ll try my best!
  • Can I contact you directly?
    Yes! You can contact me directly on any social media account listed on this page. Facebook and email will have the best response times.
  • Can I request a topic or a review?
    Absolutely! Same as above, Facebook and email will have the best response times.
  • Can I purchase items from the shop?
    Right now, the shop is still in the process of being connected. But feel free to take a look at what we're planning to offer!
  • Do you ship internationally?
    We will find out when the shop gets fully connected.
  • Do you have any published works?
    Not yet, but I'm in the process of querrying my first novel.
  • Do you have any other blogs?
    Yes, I have a tumblr, a Wattpad, and an AO3 account listed in my contacts.
  • Enter your answer here


Story Arcs & Subplots believes in the power of good storytelling, no matter the genre or medium. We strive to provide a safe space to discuss the transformative power of stories that reflect our diverse world.


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