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Want to say hello to the writers? Have a question? Or an idea for a post you want to see? Feel free to reach out!

Thanks for submitting!

  • Who writes for Story Arcs & Subplots?
    Right now it’s just me, Claire! But I might have more people in the future.
  • If I comment a question on a post, will you respond?"
    A: Yes, to the best of my ability. If it’s an older post I might not see it, but I’ll try my best!
  • Can I contact you directly?
    Yes! You can contact me directly on any social media account listed on this page. Facebook and email will have the best response times.
  • Can I request a topic or a review?
    Absolutely! Same as above, Facebook and email will have the best response times.
  • Can I purchase items from the shop?
    Right now, the shop is still in the process of being connected. But feel free to take a look at what we're planning to offer!
  • Do you ship internationally?
    We will find out when the shop gets fully connected.
  • Do you have any published works?
    Not yet, but I'm in the process of querrying my first novel.
  • Do you have any other blogs?
    Yes, I have a tumblr, a Wattpad, and an AO3 account listed in my contacts.
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