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Stories are one of the most pervasive forms of entertainment, from ancient myths and folk tales to modern forms like movies, plays, and video games. If you like any of those things, you’re in the right place! Story Arcs & Subplots focuses on the story as an art form in all types of media, not just traditional ones. Here, you can find critical reviews, research into the storytelling process, and of course, some original works! Whether you work with stories as a writer or other kind of content creator, or if you just plain love stories as much as I do, there’s something here for you. 

I believe that stories are for everyone. No one should feel locked out of enjoying a good story because they don’t fit the mold the story presents. Because stories are an escape for so many people, I believe that it is important that they be accessible to anyone who wants them, and that means that people need to be able to relate to the stories. For that reason, I believe in all forms of diversity in media and stories, and will continue to write and support diverse stories for a diverse world. 





Story Arcs & Subplots was started by Claire Labelle as a place to gush about different kinds of stories with like-minded individuals. She had always found other formats restrictive, because they would only allow her to talk about one form of media at a time. Book blogs, movie reviewers and television show fandoms are all wonderful, but she wanted a place where she could truly speak cross-platform about the nature and power of good storytelling. As part of that mission, Story Arcs & Subplots is committed to celebrating stories from about the world that reflect all walks of life.