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ABOUT US: Our Staff

C. E. LUPIEN (she/they)
Lead Writer, Editor, Voice Actor

C. E. Lupien is a writer and freelance editor from New England. Originally born in Maine, she now resides in Western Massachusetts. She loves all kinds of storytelling media equally, although she has a soft spot for well-written Visual Novels. She holds a BS in Engineering from UMaine and a MFA in Professional Writing from SNHU. Most people think that with a background in engineering, she’d be into sci-fi, but her interests lie with magic- the more dragons, the better. She is as passionate about good media ethics as she is about good manufacturing ethics, plus the state of American copyright law (it’s all Disney’s fault!). Her day job is a CI Engineer in a paper mill, but her passion for ethical storytelling let her to start Story Arcs & Subplots. 

     C. E. Lupien



Story Arcs & Subplots believes in the power of good storytelling, no matter the genre or medium. We strive to provide a safe space to discuss the transformative power of stories that reflect our diverse world.


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