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Introducing Story Arcs Audio!

Story Arcs and Subplots is proud to announce a new imprint, Story Arcs Audio!

Story Arcs Audio will be focused on creating stories in an audio medium. This will include audiobook versions of other works from Story Arcs and Subplots as well as original podcast-style fiction and audio dramas.

The creation of Story Arcs Audio will be celebrated by a new joint project between Story Arcs and Subplots Original Fiction and Story Arcs Audio: a forbidden love story between an angel and a human girl called Dark Vow set in historical Great Britain. This story was written by lead writer C. E. Lupien and features gender shenanigans, non-binary angels, girls in love with each other, and an adaptation of Christian cannon as mythology.

If that sounds like a fun time to you, stay tuned next week as the chapters will start dropping every Tuesday. The audio version will start as soon as all the episodes have dropped, expected launch date Tueday, April 3rd. This story will be free for all subscribers in its entirety.

Hope to see you there!

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Welcome to Story Arcs & Subplots! This is my personal blog where I post anything and everything related to stories, including some original works. I believe in the power of creative media to cultivate a positive change in our culture with diverse and open-minded storytelling. 

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